Our Story

Our Story

Here's the story behind our name...

I grew up going to my family’s mountain house in  North Carolina. I was around 3 when I first rode a horse...(with lots of help by sitting in my dad’s lap, of course)   When I was 7, I was finally able to ride on my own. I went up to our mountain house every chance I got during the summers just so that I could be with the horses. I’d spend my days riding, taking care of the horses, & doing barn chores - I loved every minute of it!

This is where I learned the importance of hard work, dedication, independence, & commitment.

When it came to naming my company, my mom & I were trying to come up with a name for MONTHS. Just like many mother/daughter duos, we couldn’t agree on anything! We disagreed on just about every name until I blurted out “PIPER’’ & the rest is history!

This is Piper. He was my family’s horse. Piper was a gentle giant with the sweetest markings in shape of a heart on his forehead. 💜